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Friction Welding Machine
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Friction Welding Application

Dissimilar metal

Direct Drive Friction WeldingSteel + Stainless steel
Direct Drive Friction WeldingSteel + Powder metal
Direct Drive Friction WeldingCu, Al + Stainless steel

Non-ferrous metal

Direct Drive Friction WeldingAl + Cu
Direct Drive Friction WeldingAl+Al or Cu+Cu

Reduce Machining Cost

Direct Drive Friction Welding
Direct Drive Friction WeldingNo need to machining

Material Cost Saving

Direct Drive Friction Welding
Direct Drive Friction WeldingSubstitution with less costly

Weight Reduction

Direct Drive Friction Welding

Reduce Forging Cost

Direct Drive Friction Welding

Advantage of Friction Welding

 In friction welding machine, one component is rotated and one component is held stationary. The friction welding machine part that is rotated is brought into contact with the stationary component and when enough heat has been generated to bring the components to a plastic state and the desired burn off has been achieved, rotation is stopped. More axial force is then applied between the two components resulting in a solid state bond at the interface forming a friction welded joint. Direct drive friction welding is able to weld dissimilar metal and non-ferrous metal

Advantage of Friction Welding

- Low energy consumption
- No arcs, sparks, smoke or flames
- Constant quality is maintained and monitored.
- No air hole at welding points
- No filler material, fluxor shield gas
- Ability to weld dissimilar metal.
- No particular end preparation before welding
- Welding cycle time is short and high efficiency.
- Easily automated for mass production.